You can check if your meal plan is activated at any of our dining location cash registers, or by calling us at (507) 389-2613.  You can also check your meal plan balance online at

Of course! We can accommodate your requirements! For more information, please contact our Campus Dietitian at 507-389-1441.

Yes, each meal plan (Anytime, Maverick 14 and maverick 160) will receive three guest meals per semester. You may also use the Dining Dollars that come with your meal plan to purchase a meal for your guest.  You are allowed to use unlimited meal swipes for guests when on an off campus meal plan.

Dining Dollars can be used at all University Dining Services venues and at both convenience stores located on campus!

Dining Dollars associated with meal plans are exempt from sales tax for students with one exception. The purchase of non-food items in the convenience stores, such as health and beauty items, newspapers or magazines, will be charged tax. Food items purchased at University Dining Services locations will be exempt from tax for students only. 

Yes. You have the first two weeks of the semester to change plans. After that, you will need to wait until the next semester to choose a new dining plan.  Please contact Residential Life in Carkoski Commons at 507-389-1011 to make these changes.

Yes! Dining dollars can be purchased at any time online. 

•Purchase in increments of $25 and in amounts of $100, $200 or $300 with BONUS DINING DOLLARS in our online store

For students, Dining Dollars will carry over from fall semester to spring semester, however any Dining Dollars not used by the end of the spring semester will expire and be forfeited. 


Yes! You can pay as you enter the University Dining Center.

The 2023-2024 rates are below:

•Breakfast: $8.77+tax

•Brunch (Weekends Only): $9.57+tax

•Lunch: $9.57+tax

•Dinner: $11.39+tax

Yes. You cannot eat at the University Dining Center without your Mav card.

Dining Dollars are accepted at the Mav Ave food court.  However, you are not able to use your meal swipes for meals at the Mav Ave.

The Mav Ave also accepts cash, credit and debit cards.

Yes. Reusable To-Go containers are available for a $5 refundable deposit. Swipe your MAVcard for ONE meal from your meal plan, make the $5 deposit and take your meal to go. Bring your container back and receive your $5 deposit or receive a clean To-Go container and swipe your MAVcard for another meal!