Our Initiatives

As a guest, it is easy to make smart environmental choices when you dine at a University Dining Services location. We know today's college students want to do the right thing for the planet and we also understand you lead busy lives, so your University Dining Services chefs and managers do a lot of the work for you behind the scenes!
This commitment was formalized with Sodexo's Better Tomorrow Plan. The Better Tomorrow Plan includes 18 commitments for a brighter future by focusing on four key priorities: health, planet, community and our people. Learn more about the Better Tomorrow Commitments.

Waste Reduction

Reducing organic and inorganic waste are other areas in which we are committed to working with our campus partners to make a real difference.  University Dining Services utilizes reusable cups, plates, and utensils, train employees on waste reduction to reduce the amount of food, packaging, energy, and other resources that are wasted.   

Aspretto Coffee

We are proud to feature 100% Transfair, Fair Trade USA certified aspretto coffee and 100% USDA certified organic and ethically sourced Numi teas. Everything that touches the product is green, from the 10% post-consumer fiber cups to the renewable resource stirrers to the fair trade sugar wrapped in recyclable paper and printed with vegetable dye.

Sustainable Seafood

One specific example of a healthy choice we provide that is good for both you and the planet is with the seafood offered on your campus.  Your University Dining Services team is committed to sourcing 100% of our contracted seafood from sustainable sources. We are working with our suppliers and distribution partners to phase out seafood that is not certified by either the Marine Stewardship Council or the Global Aquaculture Alliance's Best Aquaculture Practices Program. We are pleased that we were able to increase how much we spend on sustainable seafood significantly in both the United States and Canada.

Xprss Nap

Xprss Nap Dispensers save energy and waste.  The napkins are made of 100% recycled paper and the dispenser encourages our customers to take (and waste) fewer napkins. Energy is saved because less power is used to recycle paper products than to create them from virgin material.  

Reusable To-Go Containers

We offer reusable To-Go containers to our guests at the University Dining Center, eliminating throwing away 4,000 clam shell containers every week!


Compost is created from organic matter that has been decomposed into a rich soil amendment. The University Dining Center and the MavAve both take part in composting to reduce waste in the landfills.

Partnership with Local and Environmentally Friendly Companies

Partnerships with local/regional suppliers and vendors in which Sodexo encourages our suppliers to enhance,protect and restore the environment. In addition, requiring all manufacturers to adhere to the guidelines contained in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Reusable Coffee Mugs

Reusable coffee mugs are used for our catering events and for our guests in the University Dining Center. This reduces paper waste from disposable cups for guests dining with us.  We also offer reusable tumblers for purchase at Starbucks in the Mav Ave.

Trayless Dining

Trayless dining saves thousands of gallons of water and reduces electricity and chemical use for cleaning the trays.