·    Spice racks have been introduced at the University Dining Center, providing students with the flexibility to enhance their meals according to their individual tastes. This innovative addition stems from the recommendations of the 2022-2023 Culinary Council, who proposed the idea based on extensive conversations with students gauging their preferences for enhancements in the Dining Center.


Following the findings of the 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey, additional Ketchup Pumps have been implemented at the University Dining Center to address the need for more condiment availability. This addition aims to optimize the dining experience by ensuring a more efficient and accessible supply of ketchup for more students.


In response to the feedback received from both the 2023-2024 Culinary Council and the Fall 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey, where students emphasized their desire for increased variety, the University Dining Center has introduced "Trending Tuesday." This exciting initiative features trendy meals from social media, like tik Tok and Instagram, and takes place on the first and third Tuesday of every month. The first Trending Tuesday of the semester, witnessed a resounding success with Birria Tacos at the Creations station.