Big App on Campus

The app that does it all

Download and install the Bite for Universities App from the Apple or Google Play Store.

download on the app storeget it on google play

How To Register For BITE 

  1. Go to  
  2. Select "Schools & Universities"  
  3. Select "Get it on Google Play" or "Download on the App Store"  
  4. Download the Bite by Sodexo-Universities App  
  5. Open App  
  6. Click "Let's Start" to choose your location  
  7. Type in or select on the map Minnesota State University, Mankato  
  8. Select "Enter"  
  9. Select "SIGN IN/SIGN UP"  
  10. Select "SIGN UP NOW"  
  11. Complete the form, check "I agree to Sodexo's terms of use and privacy policy"

How To Link Dining Dollars 

  1. Select "PAY" on the bottom purple bar 
  2. Select "ACTIVATE" 
  3. Select "ADD CARD" 
  4. Enter your Tech ID number to link your Dining Dollars to your account 
  5. Select "Add MavCard" 
  6. You will see the "Your card is successfully connected" message once it is connected 
  7. Select "Great"

How To Link A Credit Card To Bite Pay 

  1. Select "PAY" on the bottom purple bar 
  2. Swipe left on the MSU logo at the top of the screen 
  3. Select "Start" 
  4. Read the copy and select "Accept" 
  5. Check email to finish activation 
  6. Select "OK" 
  7. Locate your activation code in the first email you received 
  8. Enter your activation code into the second email you received 
  9. The BITE app will show "Your BITE Card is Processing", you will receive a confirmation message on the BITE app screen confirming your BITE Pay Card is ready, Select "OK" 
  10. Select "PAY" on the bottom purple bar and select "Load Funds" to add funds to your virtual BITE Pay Card. You can also request funds, see your transaction history, check your balance & refresh funds from this screen

How To Place A Mobile Order 

  1. Select "Order" on bottom purple bar 
  2. Select location 
  3. Select location again 
  4. Select the drop down arrows to make your selection(s) 
  5. Select item(s) 
  6. Select "Add To Cart" 
  7. When finished selecting items, select "Check Out" 
  8. Select your pick up time and enter your phone number 
  9. Select "Payment Method" 
  10. Select "PLACE ORDER" 
  11. Pick up your order at the designated time